About Fusion Fund

Early-stage venture capital

Fusion Fund backs early-stage entrepreneurs building forward-thinking companies with technical and data advantages in their business models. We are actively looking for companies in the industrial, enterprise, and healthcare application spaces and for founders with direct experience and expertise in those areas. We have invested all across the United States and target companies who are at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A.

The DNA of the firm is rooted in the team’s technical and entrepreneurial background. As former technical operators who have previously started, ran, and sold companies, we know what it takes to build successful enterprises and how to overcome challenges specific to those building technology businesses.

What We Bring to Founders

More than asking 'how can we be helpful'

VCs often talk about their “value add” and ask “how can we be helpful?” As former entrepreneurs and operators, we know what early stage businesses need help with and we prioritize open, transparent, and frequent dialog with our founders to help push their companies to the next stage of growth.

Whether it’s customers, talent, partners, or investors, we help bring a variety of different perspectives to the table to help our companies succeed. Our “CXO” network, consisting of over 30 C-level executives from Fortune 500 and other major institutions, consistently generates valuable insights and customer connections and has created many sources of revenue for our companies.

Our Investment Focus

Areas that we specialize in

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Industrial Technologies

Integrating new technologies with existing industries (i.e. logistics, insurance, communications, mobility) will enable increased efficiencies and free up human capacity.

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Enterprise Technologies

As data and connectivity become ubiquitous, the need for businesses who focus on areas like data science, cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance becomes critical.

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Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare is a perfect application space for artificial intelligence due to the advancement of medical devices and diagnostics and their ability to generate large amounts of data.

All Across the USA & Canada

We invest in founders everywhere

Fusion Fund invests in founders throughout the country. Over 40% of our companies are located outside Silicon Valley. We understand the advantages (and disadvantages) of both categories and are adept at providing the right insights and value to each group.

Silicon Valley remains the central hub where capital, talent, and certain sectors are focused. However, there are many other areas across the country with equally as impressive talent and industry hubs.

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