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The Team at Fusion Fund regularly and frequently generates in-depth and forward looking industry research reports on sectors and technologies that hold potential for venture investments.

We are happy to share our information gathering and insights with the broader start-up and technical community to help foster new discussions!

Healthcare has seen rapid innovation and growth in recent years, generating more data sources, types and uses than ever before. In this report, Fusion Fund dives deep into the emerging technologies being used to make sense of this large amount of data, the trends driving the overall healthcare data market, major players and investors in the market today, and several new players to watch.
Privacy report
Data has become the lifeblood of many enterprises, enabling new customer insights, driving product innovation, and revealing previously unidentifiable market trends. But in the world of distributed infrastructure, where cloud services run, it is difficult to ensure the sovereignty, privacy and protection of your data when it is in the hands of third parties. The next generation of high performing privacy solutions will protect data throughout its entire lifecycle, address complex needs of both enterprise and consumer requirements and have the flexibility to operate across a global ecosystem.
There have been more than 500 million identity theft victims since 2005, which have lost an estimated $200B. Digital Identity solutions have seen a prolific rise over the last few years, as digital identity becomes a cornerstone technology for digital transformation initiatives and the evolving digital economy.

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