Scroll down to learn more Fusion Fund backs entrepreneurs building transformative companies that leverage technical or data advantages in their business model.
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Fusion Fund invests early at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A and continues to support the founders in later rounds as they progress through their entrepreneurial journey.

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We are former entrepreneurs who have founded, built, and sold technical companies. We know what it’s like to be founder and we know how to support founders on their journey.

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We work with founders to ensure they receive the support they need to acquire customers and revenue, recruit high-quality talent, and get connected to investors as they grow their company.

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Industrial Technologies

Integrating new technologies with existing industries (i.e. logistics, insurance, communications, mobility) will enable increased efficiencies and free up human capacity.

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Enterprise Technologies

As data and connectivity become ubiquitous, the need for businesses who focus on areas like data science, cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance becomes critical.

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Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare is a perfect application space for artificial intelligence due to the advancement of medical devices and diagnostics and their ability to generate large amounts of data.


$ 2.8B

Total Enterprise Value

$ 620M

Total Revenue (2020)


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